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The Addison-Penzak JCC is located at 14855 Oka Road, Suite 201, Los Gatos, CA 95032.


We always welcome feedback and would like to hear from you. Please contact us with your questions and suggestions.

JCC Office - 408.358.3636 or info@svjcc.org

JCC Office Fax - 408.358.7311

JCC Lobby (Service Desk) - 408.357.7429

Are you new to the community? Want general information about the JCC? Call the JCC at 408.357.7429 or email info@svjcc.org.


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Aquatics Office - 408.357.7428 or aquatics@svjcc.org

Cafe (House of Bagels)  - 408.357.7446

Camp  - 408.357.7416 or  camp@svjcc.org 

Center for Jewish Life & Learning  - 408.357.7411 or CJLL@svjcc.org

Donations - 408.357.7401 or development@svjcc.org

Email Newsletter  -  news@svjcc.org

Fitness Center Desk - 408.357.7419 or fitnesscenter@svjcc.org

Group Fitness Classes - 408.357.7478 or groupfitness@svjcc.org

Massage  - 408.357.7429 or spa@svjcc.org

Personal Training - 408.357.7419 or fitnesscenter@svjcc.org

Membership Office - 408.356.4973 or membership@svjcc.org

Pilates Reformer & Chair - 408.357.7427 or pilates@svjcc.org

Preschool - 408.357.7417 or preschool@svjcc.org

Tennis tennis@svjcc.org   Get Password to Make Online Tennis Court Reservations  -   tennisreservation@svjcc.org 

Volunteering  volunteer@svjcc.org


Individual Contact Info

Amy Chien, Finance Director: 408.357.7435 - amy@svjcc.org

Andrew Mendes, Recreation Director: 408.357.7447 - andrew@svjcc.org 

Annie Hurst, Fun and Fitness with Friends Coordinator: annieh@svjcc.org 

Cafe (House of Bagels): 408.357.7446

Brett (Brittany) Blankenship, Group Fitness Coordinator: 408.357.7478 - brittanyb@svjcc.org

Cathy Chandler, Human Resources Director: 408.357.7438 - cathy@svjcc.org

Cherie Ravel, Older Adult Director: 408.357.7462 - cherie@svjcc.org

Colin Braslin, Membership Sales Representative: 408.357.7404 - colinb@svjcc.org 

Cyndi Sherman, Director Early Childhood Center: 408.357.7408 - cyndi@svjcc.org 

David McCullough, ECE Enrichment & Camp Katan Director: 408.357.7409 - david@svjcc.org

Deborah Rothschild, Sports & Wellness Director: 408.357.7440 - deborahr@svjcc.org

Diana Schnabel, Director of Special Projects/Hospitality: 408.357.7402 - diana@svjcc.org

Elena Pogodina, Accounting Assistant: 408.357.7431 - elena@svjcc.org

Erin McMahon, Assistant Sports & Wellness Director: 408.357.7480 - erinm@svjcc.org 

Giselle Venema, Wellness Administrator & Childcare Coordinator: 408.357.7427 - gisellev@svjcc.org

Rabbi Ilana Baird, Russian Language Program Coordinator: rabbiilana@svjcc.org

Rabbi James Greene, Program Director: 408.357.7413 - rabbijames@svjcc.org

Jana Veitsman, Staff Accountant: 408.357.7493 - jana@svjcc.org 

Jane Blumenthal, Director of Membership Services: 408.357.7494 - jane@svjcc.org

Jason Goldstein,  Assistant Program Director and JCC Maccabi Experience Director: 408.357.7497 - jason@svjcc.org

Jenessa Schwartz, Director of the Center for Jewish Life & Learning: 408.357.7411 -jenessa@svjcc.org

Jennifer Eichholtz, Accounting and Development Assistant: 408.357.7464 - jennifere@svjcc.org

Jennifer Flores, Dance Academy Director: 408.357.7534 - dance@svjcc.org

Jenny Green, Director of Marketing: 408.357.7430 - jenny@svjcc.org

Jill Pottel, BBYO Program Director: 408.357.7426 - jill@svjcc.org

Jon Kaplan, Fund Development Director: 408.357.7401 - jon@svjcc.org

Josh Glincher, Assistant Recreation and Camp Director: 408.357.7416 - josh@svjcc.org

Kelly Gosk, Pilates and Yoga Coordinator: 408.357.7427- kellyg@svjcc.org

Kristine Scott, Administrative Assistant: 408.357.7546 - kristine@svjcc.org 

Leah Frankel, Registered Dietitian: 408.357.7476 - leahf@svjcc.org 

Linda Thompson, Spinning Coordinator: 408.357.7478 - lindat@svjcc.org

Lisa Ceile, Cultural Arts Director: 408.357.7492 -lisacg@svjcc.org

Lori Lum, Membership Sales Representative: 408.357.7537 - lori@svjcc.org

Megan Karpf, Membership Concierge: 408.357.7405 - megan@svjcc.org

Mike Allen Sports, Coach Mike Allen: 408.396.4114 - mike@mikeallensports.com

Nate Stein, Chief Executive Officer: 408.357.7490 - nate@svjcc.org

PSA Royals Soccer, Coach Alex Saunders: 855.946.7272 - psa@svjcc.org

Rachel Olson, Assistant Director of Aquatics: 408.357.7428 - rachelo@svjcc.org

Rachel Rose, Early Childhood Administrative Assistant: 408.357.7417 - rachelr@svjcc.org

Steve Hong, Chief Financial Officer: 408.357.7437 - steve@svjcc.org

Wendy Bettis, Director of Aquatics: 408.357.7423 - wendyb@svjcc.org 


The APJCC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that welcomes everyone. We rely on generous donations to continue serving our community and those in need. A beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley and a proud member of the JCC Association of North America. This website copyright 2014 Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center of Silicon Valley.

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